Design your life in 10 simple steps!

visionb-848x550I ran a tweet series recently and thought it might be useful for me to compile my tweets into one post for my readers’ reference.

Most of us, I believe, have landed into our lives, by default. It has really been a series of events and decisions and circumstances which have led us to be where we are.

Most of the clients I coach, while they have different areas of focus in their lives, are really trying to get to a stage where they live the life that they have wanted to live. The reason that they have not yet started living it yet is very simple and applies to most of us, you and me included. It is simply that we never made the time to think about the life we want to lead and hence, never made plans to live it. If we did, we perhaps did that as a one time activity and lost track of it as life events took over.

As a result, we ended up in a default life, which was a result of things that transpired, most of which we would argue were out of our control. Even the ones which were in our control, were never evaluated in the context of the life we want to lead.

Here we are, wanting to do things, be someone that we are not. Coaching helps you get from point A to point B and helps you cover the distance, starting by helping you identify both the A and B coordinates to begin with.

So if you know the kind of life you want to live and are looking for some tips on how to get there, get a coach! A coach will help you find answers to some of the questions below and then, your life is yours to live, just as you designed it. You could answer these for yourself too! Try it!

Q1. What are the top 3 things of most value to you?

Q2. What does your dream life look like?

Q3. What are the things that you are tolerating in your life?

Q4. What are the 3 things you need to change to become happier?

Q5. What 3 things you can start doing to live your dream life?

Q6. What things are stopping you from living your dream life?

Q7. What can you do to remove hurdles that are stopping you?

Q8.Whom do you need to convince to start living your dream life?

Q9.How can u prepare for the challenges your new life may bring?

Q10.Are you ready and willing to allow the change into your life?

Do remember to celebrate each milestone that brings you closer to your dream life. After all, this has got to be your most critical project ever, right?

We would love to hear how you are doing and if these questions have helped you move ahead towards designing your life.


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