Life Coaching? Me?


Who is a Life Coach anyways?..

A Life Coach, in simple terms is someone you helps you clarify your thinking, so you are able to move from Point A to Point B. A life coach brings you back to being accountable for your life and enables you to inspire yourself to get to where you want to be. A life coach helps you in getting your self confidence back by simply being there and listening to you.

It would be incorrect to say that a Life Coach solves your problems because he / she really enables you to find the answers to your problems within yourself.

What does a coach do?..

A coach would not advise you or share an opinion with you unless you solicit it. Coaching is a journey and hence, expecting results in one conversation is not realistic. A set of 6-8 sessions is typically recommended for you to start experiencing the benefits of coaching.

How much does a coach cost..?

Coaches can be hired across a broad range depending on their experience, qualifications and brand. Usually, first sessions are offered for free. In case you are unable to pay for coaching, you could hire someone for free! There are many coaches who are looking for pro-bono assignments so look around, contact coaches on LinkedIn or google them or write me a message 🙂

Picking a Coach..?

You can pick your coach by looking at their profiles on websites like or others. Give it a shot! After all, what have you got to lose?



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