How coaching can help you make a decision

1-inside-coaching-works-productivity-happiness-your24hcoach-life-coaching-coaching-directory-w640Once upon a time, there was a woman called X. For the longest time, she was unable to decide if she should quit her job. While she tried every day to give her best shot at work, something kept getting in the way. She decided to try out coaching.

Her coach worked with her to first identify what her goal was – it turned out that quitting her job was not really her goal. She just wanted to live a happy and healthy life and her work was in fact, getting in her way. No wonder it was making her so unhappy.

Having identified the things which give her happiness, she worked with her coach to design a life that would be practical for her. What do you know – she decided to keep her job. She was able to work and be happy, both at the same time. This was what she wanted. To work and to be happy. After 6 weeks of engaging with her coach, with one hour sessions every week, here she was – busy, earning money and happy!

Who says you can’t buy happiness? Tried a coach?


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