Life Coaching? Me?

Exactly! Who is a Life Coach anyways?.. A Life Coach, in simple terms is someone you helps you clarify your thinking, so you are able to move from Point A to Point B. A life coach brings you back to being accountable for your life and enables you to inspire yourself to get to where … Continue reading

Design your life in 10 simple steps!

I ran a tweet series recently and thought it might be useful for me to compile my tweets into one post for my readers’ reference. Most of us, I believe, have landed into our lives, by default. It has really been a series of events and decisions and circumstances which have led us to be … Continue reading

The Power of Now

One of the key aspects of coaching is the ability to get the clients to see through a different perspective – themselves, their goals, their relationships, their lives. Very often, just being able to help them appreciate and acknowledge what they have and shifting the focus from what they do not have or what they … Continue reading